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“Consumer Education, Planning, Referral, For Mature Adults and Their Families”

LifeWise Personal Advocates, Inc.
Our Mission
LifeWise Personal Advocates, Inc. is a private fee-based care management and consulting service.  We prepare older and disabled adults and their concerned families to approach practical life-style, health care, emotional, legal, and financial issues with confidence and with a healthy perspective.  We work in concert with our clients, and only to the extent that they wish.
Our goal is to give each recipient of our services the knowledge to remain independent and in control of their lives and to avoid costly mistakes.
Who We Help
We work with older or disabled adults who live alone, wish support, or have troubling issues.
We help family members who wish reassurance in planning and/or managing care.
We assist those interested in carefully negotiating successful arrangements for companion, respite, residential or day care for themselves or a family member. 
We also guide people who wish assisted living, congregate housing, retirement living or nursing facilities to find the right service and community.
We commonly work with relatives, POA’s, guardians, trust officers, lawyers, and others responsible for the well-being of an older or disabled person.
We accept referrals from physicians, clergy, state and local agencies, home health associations, hospitals, nursing homes, mental health agencies, and EAP representatives.
The Benefits
LifeWise P.A. Inc., guides, supports and protects clients in specific problem situations or for the long term including, but not limited to helping you or your loved one receive:
  • The highest quality care, and the most reasonably priced services offered
  • Increased ability to maintain independence and control
  • Protection from fraud, stress, high costs, and one-sided contracts
  • Greater prospect for a successful new living arrangements when it is necessary, including safe alternatives to the nursing home
  • Time to think
  • The many advantages of building cost-saving strategies, plus conveniences like transportation and customized services
  • Swift resolution of government red tape and bureaucracy
  • Gentle guidance into a future of increased happiness, safety, and peace of mind

Bogie, Mascot and Therapy Dog
Bogie, Mascot and Therapy Dog

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LifeWise Personal Advocates
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Mont Vernon, NH 03057
Phone: (603) 673-1750
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